August in the Smokies – Special Event Spectacular!

We’ve got one more month of Summer to look forward to in the Smokies, and while usually people have their thoughts of barbecues, festivals and family fun time turn back to school, work and other routines by now, We would encourage you to remember that some of the most interesting special events in the Smokies happen at the 3rd month of the season and August 2018 will prove it starting this weekend!

If you enjoy music, wrestling, hot air balloons and Southern culture, you’ll want to check out some of the special events we have coming up. Take a look:

* Stringtime in the Smokies *

August 4th

It’s an August tradition for the Old Mill in Pigeon Forge to hold an all-day music festival and we look forward to hearing some great groups, individuals and music coming from it once again this year! The entire festival is free and begins at 11:00AM. The Old Mill has some fine, high class shops in its complex, so plan to spend a day at the Old Mill on August 4th.

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* Bubba Fest *

August 10th to August 12th

You might have heard the Tennessee Smokies was getting an event in August called “Bubba Fest” and thought it might’ve been a joke – but it is indeed a real event and it really is coming to Pigeon Forge. Don’t turn your nose up at it, though, Bubba Fest is a tongue-in-cheek festival that is very self-aware and wants to encourage us to have fun with the “Bubba” stereotype of Southerners. Bubba Fest will feature events that include a kick-off party, live wrestling, celebrity look-alike contest and a “farmer’s tan” competition while celebrity meet and greet opportunities will feature Burt Reynolds, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Bret “the Hitman” Hart, Lee Majors, Richard Pretty, Glenn “Kane” Jacobs and others.

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* The Smoky Mountain Songwriter’s Festival *

August 13th to August 22nd

This is probably the biggest music festival we have in Sevier County. This is more than a week of performances by singer-songwriters, hit writer and talented locals as well as workshops, songwriting lessons and other events that truly make it a festival! Dozens and dozens of powerful songsmiths will be performing all throughout its duration in Gatlinburg.

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* The Great Smoky Mountains Hot Air Balloon Festival *

August 18th

Now this is an event for which the Smokies has nothing like throughout the region or calendar! On August 18th in Townsend, TN, a number of huge hot air balloons with professional designs on them will take flight and provide a “glow” event against the backdrop of the gorgeous Smoky Mountains and the even more gorgeous sunset. Additional event amenities like live entertainment, local craft beers and more will be available as well.

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And stay tuned as we get news on upcoming special events as the seasons start changing once again – Rod Runs and Dollywood and, yes, the Sunset Festival will all be coming up as blog news from Deer Ridge soon enough! Get ready, Summer’s still got a few highlights left to show you!