This Proxy is solicited on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Gatlinburg Golf & Racquet Club Condominium Association, Inc. The undersigned appoints
Jamie Palo as Proxy and authorizes him to represent and vote as designated below at the annual owners meeting.

Voting may be done electronically by Absentee Ballot by completing the electronic form below, or you may print out the downloadable PDF form and return it by U.S. mail to
Jamie Palo, 3710 Weber Rd., Gatlinburg, TN 37738.

You may also print out this proxy and fax it to Jamie at 865-430-3248.

All votes must be received by April 9, 2021.

The following candidates are current owners in good standing:
Please click to read each resume.
Larry Ohm
Matt Hearn
Ed Tollefsen
Robert Taylor

Vote for two of the candidates.

An owner may cast his/her ballot in one of three ways. They are as follows:
1. Absentee
2. Proxy
3. In person at the August Owner’s meeting

Below, please find the following: Absentee Ballot and Proxy assignment form
If you do not plan to attend the April 24, 2021 Owner’s Meeting to vote in person, please vote on the absentee ballot form or complete the proxy form.
In either case, these must be received by April 9, 2021.

I’d like to encourage all owners to complete and return their proxy form even if planning to attend the meeting or voting an absentee ballot. If an emergency were to prevent you from attending, a proxy on file for each owner would ensure that a quorum is met and business of the ownership could be conducted as needed.