While we’re betting it’s a fairly slim chance this page is your introduction to the greatest theme park in all the state, no area information in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee is complete without it. Dollywood is one heck of an attraction and there’s always quite a bit to talk about on it!

Dollywood is a theme park that’s ever-changing and ever-expanding while remaining firmly rooted in celebrating the culture of the Smoky Mountains, and more than just offering a huge selection of thrill rides for families like most theme parks, Dollywood also prides itself on it’s theatrical focus and its commitment to maintaining a Smoky Mountain arts and crafts community of sorts. Three specialized fields for one park!

There are almost two dozen huge AAA-quality rides at Dollywood as well as smaller rides for younger kids, more than half a dozen theaters/stages with shows going on around the clock, multiple eateries and food shops from one end of of the park to the other, lots of interactivity in between all that, its own fully functioning train, and somehow even more than that. It would take more than a full day to enjoy everything there is to do in Dollywood!

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Dollywood is more than just a world class theme park. It’s the complete getaway for families looking to disconnect from the world’s distractions and reconnect with each other while nestled in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains. Dollywood’s properties provide ample opportunity to overwrite life’s daily stresses with new family memories.

Dollywood’s Splash Country is the perfect mountain oasis for families to cool-down and chill-out. Located in a mountainous hollow adjacent to Dollywood theme park, Dollywood’s Splash Country features a variety of splashy water attractions for both the thrill-seekers and pool-loungers in your family. Add in a private cabana rental or delicious poolside treat, and your crew is set for the perfect day of togetherness in the Smoky Mountain sunshine.

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For more than a quarter of a century, the Dixie Stampede in Pigeon Forge has been the most popular theatrical venue outside of Dollywood in the Smoky Mountains, and Deer Ridge is offering discount tickets for registered guests who would like to visit or revisit this legendary attraction.

The premise of Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede (yep, it’s a Dollywood attraction you don’t have to go to Dollywood to enjoy) is simple, yet easy to understand why it’s retained its popularity – a dinner and a show with horses, ostriches, dancing girls, stunts, pyrotechnics and so much more. Dinners include a four course meal of rotisserie chicken, smoked barbecued pork loin, vegetable soup, homemade biscuit, corn on the cob, unlimited soft drinks and dessert among other items.

Dixie Stampede is open all throughout the year too and has a Christmas themed show during the winter holidays. See more on Dixie Stampede at www.dixiestampede.com.