• How Can We Help Gatlinburg Wildfire recovery?

    Come back and visit us, of course! Truth be told, much of the needed recovery resources have long since been provided – anyone who ever doubted the charity of the United States of America during Christmas only needs to look to the incredible outpouring of support we received from all over the country.

    No, seriously, we’ve had many people who set up GoFundMe accounts for thousands of dollars and a majority of them got fully funded. We’ve had many benefit concerts and telethons, some of which hosted by none other than Miss Dolly Parton herself, and we’ve had dozens and dozens of donation centers set up across Sevier County that had to tell people to stop donating because they were getting more support than they could hold!

    It was the true spirit of Christmas, alive and well in the Smokies.

    Now the only thing we ask for is you! Come on back to Gatlinburg and vacation with us this year! The fires barely touched downtown Gatlinburg and just about everything you want to see here in town is still operating as normal as it ever did.

    Last updated: 2-22-17

  • Has Gatlinburg, Tennessee Recovered From the 2016 Wildfires?

    For all intents and purposes, YES. We have been back in business for tourism since the beginning of the new year and everything you want to come and see and do are open and waiting for you to arrive!

    While it is true that many areas and businesses that were hit hardest by the fires still bear the scars of the disaster (full reconstruction, as if the fires had never happened, will still take some time), both locals and visitors have well since move past the disaster and are continuing to operate normally. No further special events are cancelled, all roads into and around the Smoky Mountain National Park available to the public are no longer closed and all of the major attractions in the city (as well as the minor) are either fully open for business now or will be once the tourism season begins in March. The mountain sights and natural spots of the Smokies that were burned during the disaster have also healed and will flourish again here very soon as Spring gets further underway.

    This remains the authorized list of businesses that are no longer intact from the wildfires. If your favorite attraction or restaurant is not on this list, you can expect to visit it right now or the next time you’re in town:

    * Alamo Steakhouse (Gatlinburg location). Destroyed.
    * Arrowmont. Damaged but recovered and back open to the public.
    * Cupid’s Chapel of Love. Destroyed.
    * Dollywood. Slightly damaged but recovered with all events and plans for 2017 on track.
    * First Baptist Church of Gatlinburg. Damaged, but main church building intact.
    * Gatlinburg Church of Christ. Destroyed.
    * Hillbilly Golf. Damaged. Reconstruction underway and expected to re-open for Spring 2017.
    * Hollywood Star Cars Museum. Minor damage. Recovered.
    * The Lodge at Buckberry Creek. Largely damaged. No longer in business.
    * Mountain Lodge Restaurant. Destroyed.
    * Mysterious Mansion. Previously believed destroyed, the attraction is fully intact and undamaged.
    * Roaring Fork Baptist Church. Destroyed.
    * Southland Car and Jeep Rentals. Destroyed.

    Everything else is operating as normal here in the Smokies!

    This Smoky Mountain wildfire update is provided to you by Deer Ridge Mountain Resort.

    Last updated: 2-22-17