• The Advantages of Staying Between Sunday and Thursday

    We all know that weekends are the nationwide preference for vacation time and this is only natural as most have commitments that hold them to a Monday through Friday work and school schedule.

    However, if you do get the opportunity to have some time off between Sunday and Thursday, we’d love to encourage you to use that time to vacation here in the Smokies! There are several advantages (at least!) to booking some time with Deer Ridge during the early or mid-week:

    1. Less traffic to and from attractions. It’s only during the peak season of the Autumn colors and certain holidays that require the numerical date itself, such as the 4th of July, as opposed to a “traditional” time of the year, such as Thanksgiving or Easter that don’t fall on certain numerical dates, and even then it’s only holidays that focus more on travel as part of the festivities. Apart from that, normal traffic in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and the surrounding areas are a fraction of what they normally are; both on the road and in line. Also a great time to visit Dollywood!

    2. More availability and cheaper prices at some restaurants. Most are fairly consistent in what prices they offer and only separate them out between lunch and dinner, but we do have some that only offer certain menus and therefore prices during the weekends or discounts for certain days that aren’t peak periods of business.

    3. There are more condo units available at Deer Ridge during the weekdays. Why is this important? Other than it means a greater chance of securing a vacation with Deer Ridge, each condo unit is decorated and accommodated differently – no two units are alike! This means you can find a condo unit that fits your personality and desires much more easily at Deer Ridge.

    There are other smaller reasons to visit the Smokies during early-mid week days, but those you’ll need to discover for yourself once you get here!

    If you’d like to explore the prospects of an early-mid week stay with Deer Ridge, you can reserve by phone toll free at 877-333-7743.