• How is the Gatlinburg Fire Recovery going in 2017?

    It will be a quite a while still before Gatlinburg and some surrounding areas of the city are fully recovered (and that means recovered to the point where you can’t even tell the fire was there), but much of the recovery for visitors and locals to return to what they are expecting when they come to Gatlinburg has already been well and done with.

    Where you’ll still see the damage are the neighborhoods behind and near the parkways in Gatlinburg. That reconstruction will still take time. Others are, naturally, businesses that were burnt down by the wildfires, but it has been officially established that stories of Gatlinburg itself burning down entirely were highly untrue and that an overwhelming majority of attractions, restaurants and businesses are still in business as usual right now.

    This remains the authorized list of businesses that are no longer intact from the wildfires. If your favorite attraction or restaurant is not on this list, you can expect to visit it right now or the next time you’re in town:

    * Alamo Steakhouse (Gatlinburg location). Destroyed.
    * Arrowmont. Damaged but recovered and back open to the public.
    * Cupid’s Chapel of Love. Destroyed.
    * Dollywood. Slightly damaged but recovered with all events and plans for 2017 on track.
    * First Baptist Church of Gatlinburg. Damaged, but main church building intact.
    * Gatlinburg Church of Christ. Destroyed.
    * Hillbilly Golf. Damaged. Reconstruction underway and expected to re-open for Spring 2017.
    * Hollywood Star Cars Museum. Minor damage. Recovered.
    * The Lodge at Buckberry Creek. Largely damaged. No longer in business.
    * Mountain Lodge Restaurant. Destroyed.
    * Mysterious Mansion. Previously believed destroyed, the attraction is fully intact and undamaged.
    * Roaring Fork Baptist Church. Destroyed.
    * Southland Car and Jeep Rentals. Destroyed.

    And for those of you who are interested to know if any far off sights of the mountains are still affected, we are happy to say the floral damage is recovered and will still look pretty as we get into Spring 2017!

    This Smoky Mountain wildfire update is provided to you by Deer Ridge Mountain Resort.

    Last updated: 2-22-17